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The 2022 competition was the first held. Results as well as a round 1 report are available on our website.

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All finalists received an invite by the end of January 2023. The final round took place on the 9th March 2023.

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Round 1
12th September -
28th October
Olympiad (& Marking)
14th November -
9th December
Admin & Results Release
12th December -
9th January
Round 2
The 2022 final consisted of three questions, with the first being the best answered and just 2 people solving the final question. Congratulations to everyone that sat the paper. The top three students this year were:

The 2022 British Algorithmic Olympiad
1st Marcus Sawyer Brighton College
2nd Justin Leung Tonbridge School
3rd Samuel Trajtenberg Magdalen College School, Oxford

Well done to all finalists this year. The students that reached the second round were: Will Chittick, Hanks Chong, Alex Chui, Hayden Lam, Justin Leung, Freddie Mao, Yuvan Raja, Marcus Sawyer and Samuel Trajtenberg.

Round 1
The results for BAO 2022 Round 1 can be found here. Approximately the top 70% of students achieved a bronze, silver, or gold award.

Out of 100 marks, the highest scoring students were:

Alex Chui Tonbridge School 80
Samuel Trajtenberg Magdalen College School, Oxford 77
Will Chittick Tonbridge School 77
Hanks Chong Concord College 76
Marcus Sawyer Brighton College 73

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