About the BAO

The British Algorithmic Olympiad (BAO) is a new competition for school students in the UK, returning for 2023 after a very successful first year. We're combining Mathematics and Computer Science into one paper based on problem-solving, logical thinking and programming.

The competition allows students to explore their interests in either subject. If you don’t have experience with programming, this olympiad will encourage you to develop these skills, which undoubtedly will be useful when looking for employment in a world where technology is becoming increasingly useful.

The BAO is targeted towards UK students up to Year 13. We do not require any knowledge about computer systems (i.e. CPUs, Networks, Ethics, etc.), nor do we require knowledge of Mechanics or Statistics. Our full syllabus is available in the Syllabus section of this page.

The main page on this website is frequently updated with information.

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Our Syllabus

Further Mathematics
A Level
A Level
Computer Science
We do not require Mechanics or Statistics as part of our specification. Any mathematics in a BAO paper will be Pure or Discrete.

The official, but not exhaustive, syllabus can be found below. Please make sure you see this before sitting the exam.


For Teachers

All you need to do is register your students when registration opens. The competition is marked by each school individually. The BAO does not mark the exam papers; we'll send you a mark scheme with guidance.